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It’s been a while since, we’ve last done a blog post due to some technical issues. That’s all sorted now, so let’s bring you guys up to speed! Our artist Challan Carmichael has had an extremely busy schedule. In between numerous meetings around the country, Challan has been spending every spare second rehearsing his dance routines and practicing vocals.

As we complete the Web design for Challan’s new website:

His landing page is also ready below is a Snapshot!

Challan Carmichael website

Challan has also now joined Smoglr – A brand new social networking site he’ll be updating regularly:


Be sure to follow him if you’re on the network.

As you already know, Challan has been shooting the journey of his debut recording process with Artistic Director and Choreographer: Supple Nam (best known for working with Madonna, M.O, Clean Bandit and MIA) . We ar eexcited to share this with you and it will soon be ready to be broadcast online.

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Challan has just recently finished a photoshoot with UrbanScot and some of these snaps will be featured on his brand new website. You’ll have to keep tuned to Challan’s Social Media, to see the first exclusive look at the photos.

In addition to the hectic and frenzy schedule that Challan already has for the next few months ahead of the debut single: Step By Step’s release – He’ll be embarking on a Nationwide tour with his street team, attending radio interviews and meeting new people . Below are the cities currently confirmed:












The street team will be visiting different cities throughout August.

In other news, Challan Carmichael reached ‘8000 likes’ on Facebook at the end of last week. Here at Moroni 7 Records, the team wanted to say a HUGE thanks, to everyone who’s is supporting the Project! So THANKS!


To finish off this blog post we leave you with a few words from Challan:

“It’s great to see so much support across the globe for my music project, I’m looking forward to sharing my debut single ‘Step By Step’. Would like to give a BIG shout out to my new fans over in Jamaica, West Indies, Africa and my home-grown fans in the UK. Also my fans around the world! I’m not forgetting you too. Peace”

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