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Step By Step Baltic Weather Remix – New Video almost ready for release ……..

Hello guys, welcome to my first blog post of 2017, albeit a bit late, but thats ok. 🙂 Just a quick catch up for y’all and then we will get right to it on the next post.

It was a fantastic 2016, I had the opportunity to perform over 100 shows at schools across the UK with my National Step By Step Schools tour, and  I have to say, you guys are absolutely amazing. The support and feedback has been tremendous and I am hoping to continue with this success throughout 2017.


With the support of my record label Moroni 7 Records, the next video lined up for release is “Step By Step, Baltic Weather Remix”. This is a fun up tempo remix of the original Step By Step version which has been produced with Lithuanian producers Baltic Weather. These guys are really talented and we have a lot more material lining up from them, so stay tuned and be on the look out 🙂


It has been a wonderful journey so far and I have met some amazing poeple along the way. Keep it positive y’all and steadily progress will be made 😛

If you have not had the chance to see the original video to Step By Step, you can view the YouTube link below, hopefully this will get you in the mood. If you like the video, please share and comment on it. To be fair, it is my first one and i enjoyed making it, however we have much more to come.

Check Out the original Step By Step video below 🙂


With the help of internet radio we are starting to spread the airplay and visibility of Step By Step and we can report it getting aired in Germany, USA, Japan, India, Mexico, Australia and many more. The latest comment from a fan in Taepei, Taiwan was:  “it’s a cheerful refreshing song, the more you listen to it the more of the plesent feeling you get from it”. Its fantastic to be reaching a wide and far reaching audience, and this can really only be done with all your support, so thank you very much, lets keeping pushing this positive music forward.



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