Challan Carmichael


How did you come to work with Challan Carmichael?

I was studying my for my A Levels when I lost someone close to me. I realised the meaning of how ‘life is too short’ and decided to take a break from Sixth Form to figure out what I wanted to do. Knowing that I always wanted to do Business and Marketing, I decided to a year placement at a company in the Marketing department to get a real feel for it. There was an opportunity join Moroni 7 Records and I thought it was perfect. I loved music at school and I like to make beats in my spare time. I came for the interview and got the job! Now I’m involved in the Marketing for all aspects for the label- at the moment I’m heavily working on Challans project as we’re prepping up for the release of his debut single.Luqmaan_1

Have do you find working with Challan?

I’ve been at the company for almost a year. To begin with I was working with KC quite a bit, which was more relaxed and less stressful. That’s because I joined after the release of his album. With Challan it’s much more focused and so much more work to do. Challan has a wide experience in business so I’m learning a range of things, his second business is an e-commerce business which I’ve learnt quite a bit despite me being with the record label. Challan is also really focused in terms of what results he wants, which is keeps the team on track as we’re all on the same page. Challan is optimistic (I think he has to be to keep the team motivated) so whenever I feel I’m hitting dead ends I just speak to Challan and I feel refreshed. I am also quite inspired when I see Challan in action, because he has another business that he gives a hundred percent which funds his ENTIRE project. Many people won’t understand how hard and stressful that is, but such hard work inspires me to work harder. A lot of friends and family have noticed the change in my work ethic and I think being around Challan and seeing his focus has contributed to that.

What are your thoughts on Challan and his music?

I think Challan is a funny guy. He’s got charisma and is REALLY optimistic. Although I don’t know him on a personal level, he seems to be good guy at heart and I think all this really comes across in his music. His music is positive, clean and isn’t explicit or full of sexual references. I think that that’s something we heavily lack in the music industry right now. Challan’s album is the type of album that you can buzz along to in the car with the whole family and even have a massive karaoke session!

What is your take on music today?

I listen to a lot of music across genres, including Bollywood and Blues Despite me listening to artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown etc. a lot of the time I think we need a lot more conscious artists in Hip Hop like J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Mic Righteous. Across music generally I think we need more artists who are ‘real’ and ‘true’ to themselves.Luqmaan_2

What are your ambitions?

I want to go to University then return to the Music Industry from the Marketing and Management side of it.