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Challan Carmichael

Baby Challan

Challan Carmichael was born in South London and attended Beulah Infant and Junior Schools, Ingram High School and Wallington County Grammar.

Early Years

At an early age he had an interest in music, and loved listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Billy Ocean. His Father had a good sized collection of Vinyl records and when he was at work Challan used to put on the Michael Jackson Thriller Album, turn it up as loud as the system would allow and open doors and windows just to blast it out. Challan admits he was not the best of singers but he certainly tried his best to sing along, in tune or out, it did not matter, he was just enjoying the moments with the music.

Young Challan

Young Challan and Sister

At school he would often participate in the choir and learned to play the trumpet. In his early teens he loved watching street dance and recalls Breakdance and Electric Boogaloo as 2 of his favourites. He began to teach himself from Michael Jackson videos as he was a huge Michael Jackson fan. He remembers when Michael Jacksons BAD video was first aired in the UK, he stayed up with his mum until 1am in the morning just so he could watch the UK Premier.Both parents worked and so Challan and his sister Naazina had Au Pairs. He remembers and recalls a French Au Pair he had called Felina, “she was outstanding, she took great care of us and she also had a job working at a Casino. One day she came home and to my great joy she had a pair of front row tickets to Michael Jackson, BAD concert 1988, same night Princess Diana and Prince Charles were there.” This was Challan’s first concert and he loved it. After this he attended an MC Hammer concert, he comments “MC Hammer had great energy and dancing but Michael Jackson was in a different league”.

Late Teens – Early 20’s

Throughout his later teens and early 20’s Challan would often get together with his friends to create dance routines and performances, he performed at the Savoy Hotel in London with his street dance partner Lee, for a Children Aid benefit dinner. His love for dancing eventually became an integral part of his life and he started to travel up and down the UK performing in clubs and venues. This was an exciting and interesting time for Challan as he comments “although I tried to hold down a normal job during the week, at evenings and weekends I would travel up and down the country to perform, support and take part in dance or performance events as often as I could, I really enjoyed doing this and found that I was good at building friendships with those who I came into contact with”



Overall Around this time Challan was also interested in pushing himself physically and mentally, and decided to join the Territorial Army. He had the desire to learn military and peace keeping skills, so that if the time called where he would need to protect his family, he would be trained and skilled with the ability to do so. During this period he continued his singing and dancing as time permitted.


As Challan strived to achieve his goals in dancing and singing he eventually met with singer Ben from Phats & Smalls and Choreographer Supple Nam (now world renowned for his work on shows such as Got To Dance and performances with Madonna and TVs adverts with the largest brands in the industry). Challan became good friends with both Ben and Supple, and subsequently got involved in Tour Management and Event Performances building a good network of dancers and performers.As Challan started to build his ideas in song and dance, he brought Supple in to work on dance routines and to help develop his style. Challan recorded a Song called Break A Beat, this was one of his early works, the track was never signed or released but Challan use to go on the streets of Nottingham singing and selling it to as many people who would pay him an interest. He subsequently organised an event in Nottingham where he invited Ben to sing some of his great hits, Turn Around & Feel Good and Supple supported Challan’s performance with dance routines he had choreographed.

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Moving On

In the ensuing period Challan got involved with a new business partner in Scotland named Barrie Brown, and they built and events and promotions company called Incognito EP. In a short period of time Barrie and Challan built a good reputation organising events in Scotland and would often fly up dancers, DJs and performers from different parts of the country to participate.Challans desire to sing and dance never left is fibre as he continued to develop his business enterprises, and he has been waiting patiently for the right time to give it his best effort.After developing a dance Troupe called ESSOESS through the Princes Trust, Challan met a fellow Nottingham artist called KC DA ROOKEE.Unbeknown to Challan, KC had carved out a career in the Hip Hop music scene in Germany. Challan and KC decided to set up a new Record label called Moroni 7 Records. It was agreed that KC being the more experienced artist should produce the 1st Album off the label, entitled “CHOSEN” and then Challan would record his album and this would be released once complete.

Future Plans

Challan has been steadily working on his album over the past 2 years and has now brought back in old time friends Ben and Supple to assist in its development and completion. Along with some outstanding producers introduced to Challan by KC. The next few years will prove to be interesting as Challan Carmichael finally brings his music and dance to the forefront.

Check out and support Challan Carmichael on his social media sites. If you wish to get involved or have any inquiries, feel free to drop us a message to any of these sites as well as other forms of contact listed within them, and on Moroni 7’s website.

Challan will be participating in a schools tour throughout the UK where he will conduct assembly’s on positive music, being an entrepreneur and overcoming adversity.
If you are interested in him visiting with your school please contact us.

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